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What is 'Massage 2 Motion'?

As a licensed massage therapist, I concentrate on a type of work that can increase flexibility and range of motion, reduce the risk of injury due to an active lifestyle, or accidents, and to keep people more physically active into older ages.

The type of therapy that I practice is interactive and nothing like a spa type relaxation massage. It’s a constant mixture of motion assessment, massaging contracting/relaxing muscles, and breathing.

As children, we all naturally develop efficient movement. Once we start spending more time in chairs, couches and cars, in front of a screens for extended periods of time, moving less often with less quality, we begin to un-do how our bodies have evolved.

What I do is based on the most recent scientific literature. By releasing the connective tissue restrictions and tension in our muscles combined with simple movements I’ll recommend, you can make lasting changes happen in your body and nervous system. This will help you remodel how your muscles and connective tissues work and allow your brain more options to form a new and more efficient way of moving. To regain healthy movement we will assess, prioritize, and specifically target the areas needing work to help you reach your goals and allow for faster-longer lasting results.



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