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Why I love what I do?

I am committed to Brazilian Jujitsu as a hobby, sport, method of fitness and meditation. It is a martial art, which requires strength, flexibility but also concentration and skill. Some have referred to it as a physical game of chess. I’ve been practicing for more than 7 years and a couple of years ago I hurt my lower back while practicing. My range of motion was so restricted, that when bending over to try and touch my toes; I could barely reach my knees.

During my recovery i began to notice that many people who do this sport, and not just me, are constantly in some kind of pain or recovering from some kind of injury. While rehabbing with specific massage and exercise, my range of motion increased, and I noticed how others would recover faster and probably not get injured in the first place. This same principle applies for everyone and if you just spent a minimal amount of time keeping an adequate amount of active range of motion, you will be less stiff and prone to injury. One of the main factors in “feeling old” is the amount of quality movement that you do every day.

Prior to becoming a massage therapist, I was a mechanical engineer. I have always been interested in machines: how they are put together, how they work and how to fix them. I have been able to translate this perspective into the greatest machine of all, the human body. I am fascinated with how muscles, joints, and the nervous system all work together, and how I can contribute to helping this machine (Human Body) repair itself, work more efficiently, and reduce the risk of future break down.

So it is my love of fitness, my interest in the mechanics of the human body and my desire to help people live without pain and maximize their physical potential, which has led me to this profession.


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